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April 2012 Tip of The Month

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The Importance of Hydration
It’s been a while since we've posted about the importance of staying hydrated. Hydration plays a vital role in weight control, increased energy, skin resiliency, posture, reducing disease risk and relieving joint pain. Yet, almost no one is correctly hydrated and our bodies often lie to us about our needs for hydration.  Read more:  

In fact, only 4 people in the 15 year history of our company were properly hydrated when they began training with us. Beverages that are caffeinated or contain alcohol, among others, have a net effect of dehydration.  So, drink less of these and more water.


Whether or not you are thirsty, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids.  Actually, when you begin to feel thirsty, your body is already well on its way to dehydration.  Water is best for proper hydration and fluid replenishment – and, drinking more than your thirst demands is key. Your body will actually lie to you about your hydration requirements. When adrenaline and other “get it done” hormones are activated, which happens simply by being in your workday, there is an anesthetic affect which blots out the thirst message your body is trying to deliver.


Simple math is the solution. Per day, shoot for one cup (8 ounces) of water for every 20 pounds of body weight…. more if you’re consuming beverages like alcohol, iced tea or coffee. Example: a 200 pound man needs 10 cups of water per day. If he drinks one cup of coffee and an alcoholic beverage per day, he’ll need more like 15 cups of water. Non-diuretic beverages like Gatorade, milk etc., may be counted as water. More detailed adjustments need to be made based on air temperature and exercise level.


So, raise a glass of water and toast to better health.  Cheers to Wellness … it Works.