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February 2013 Tip of the Month

Category: General
Improving Posture

The seated workplace is the leading workplace in the world today. The average American worker spends over 4 hours of their work day sitting at their computer. These two factors and many others have created a variety of postural dysfunctions common in different combinations in most adults. Fatigue, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, back pain and sciatica are some common symptoms associated with poor posture. A great way to resolve this is:

1)      Slow or halt the progression of poor posture. Arrange your seating and computer so that the top of your computer screen is at the elevation of your mouth and your knee joints are lower than your hip joints. This will slow or halt the progression of poor posture. It will automatically keep your neck, pelvis and spine in pretty good alignment. As you can imagine if you were to do pushups or a particular stretching exercise for a solid hour every day it would change the muscular length- tension relationships within your body. Being seated with poor posture, which most Americans do for a much longer duration, also changes muscular length tension relationships within your body. Certain muscle groups are forced to be too short and tight and others too long and weak.

2)      Restore correct posture and reverse various painful compensation patterns. When a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation is completed, specific restorative exercises can be prescribed and practiced according to each individual’s needs. Some of our clients even end up being slightly taller.