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August 2012 Tip of The Month

Category: General
Vacation: Critical Stress Medicine

Studies have shown those who take vacations have a significantly lower risk of death from heart disease than those who never take any time off. Why? Stress contributes to heart disease, depression, tension, and fatigue. Even as far back as the mid 1980's, studies suggested that over 80% of all illnesses resulting in hospitalization were rooted in stress. Read More:

These days, we're considered "slackers" if we're not connected to our jobs around the clock. There's no such thing as too much productivity, right? Wrong.

More and more of us have grown accustomed to enduring and sustaining a hectic work schedule that leaves little time for exercise, sufficient restorative sleep, relaxation with friends and family, and personal reflection. These imbalances to which we have become accustomed, though unhealthy, are a product of choice and willpower. Fact: physiologically, our bodies do not do well with it. Ultimately our bodies have no alternative and will rebel by getting sick, either short or long term. It's chemical. Intellect or willpower, no matter how advanced, are no match for chemistry. We cannot successfully assert, "I know I'm not taking proper care of myself, but I will not permit myself to get ill."

On the other hand, treating yourself to a little bit of downtime really packs a punch. A vacation provides a chemical antidote to accumulated imbalance in your life. When you take one, you open a door to another world. Time doesn't matter. There are no schedules to keep. Sleep is abundant. It's an opportunity to disconnect and set your body into an undistracted state of revitalization. Leave the cell phone and laptop behind, turn on the voice-mail "out-of-office" message, and walk away.

With adequate vacation, your body experiences a full return to chemical and hormonal balance, which gives you a landmark to steer by for the rest of the year. You feel it. You know it. When you return to work, the "Return on Investment" is much greater productivity and more effective decision making. Clients often find, as a result of being on vacation, that they can effectively delegate more to their subordinates than they had previously believed... freeing their time up throughout every ensuing year in ways they could not have predicted.

Poor health is no reward for a job well done. Making time to take care of yourself with a vacation and enjoying life? That's Wellness ... and it Works!