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June 2013 Tip of The Month

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Golf Performance and Physical Training

I have good news! As golfers age, if they do the right exercises and other wellness behaviors, their games can dramatically improve. Biomechanically speaking, distance and consistency in the golf game is built on maximizing rotation in a repeatable fashion. Performance in all sports relies on optimal range of motion but this is especially true in the game of golf. To create more power and consistency in your game, READ MORE:

We have a client who at age 33 was two years into his new career as a sales executive. Formerly he was a golf pro. In that two year period he lost 40 yards on his drive! The most dominant workplace in America is sedentary with many hours per day in a seated position. The associated postures of daily living create length / tension imbalances in the musculature resulting in among other things, poor posture generated by shortened hamstrings, which is exactly what happened to this client. Further down this chain of dominoes is reduced rotational range of motion, resulting in a shortened drive.

When a golfer's posture and the length / tension relationships of their musculature have been corrected the result is better power/distance and more consistent ball placement. Corrected posture inherently means that spinal disc spacing throughout the spinal column is equal front to back and therefore the potential for spinal rotation is mechanically maximized. More rotation equals more power. Better consistency occurs when length / tension relationships and posture are in proper form because there is less of a neurological brain drain required to have the club face arrive at ball striking position predictably. When they're not in proper form, the brain is just like a computer overloaded with too many peripherals.

Too often when golfers think about creating a flexibility program for themselves they are picking exercises not suited to the correction of the length / tension imbalances and postural form combinations that are unique to their body. For a corrective flexibility program for any given golfer to be comprehensive and most effective, it must be preceded by a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation.

However, after evaluating and training golfers for over 16 years, here is one thing we suggest that 99% of golfers need:

One of our golf pro clients can keep his knees straight, bend over and put his palms flat on the floor. Does this mean his hamstrings are suitably flexible? Not necessarily. In his case, the ability to get his palms flat on the floor was coming from an inappropriately hyper-mobile low back. We want you to stretch your hamstrings but you must do it while maintaining the muscle memory of good spinal posture, otherwise consistency in your game will suffer. Roll some towels and use rubber bands so that you have a towel roll about 1.5 to 2 inches thick when it's compressed and in position. Lie on the floor on your back and place the towel roll under your low back directly opposite your belly button. With knees straight and your butt firmly on the floor, rest your heels on the couch seat or the couch arm or the wall or the door... at whatever height feels like a very light stretch. As the months go by, you will need a gradually higher heel elevation. Follow these directions exactly and you will create a longer muscle, meaning you will not have to work at maintaining this flexibility during your day to day life or your golf game... you will be "unconsciously competent". Stay in the position for 2 - 10 minutes breathing through the nostrils continuously. If during the time you're in the position, the sensation intensity does not decrease, your position is too extreme and you must modify by lowering your heel elevation. You can do this stretch at any time during the day but we have found that results come 8 -12 times faster when a developmental stretch like this is done during the 90 minute window before falling asleep at night. In doing so you will also enjoy the byproduct of a more relaxing night sleep.

One of our golf pro clients was kind enough to help author our webpage on golf conditioning. Feel free to click "golf" on the menu bar above. And remember Wellness...Works!