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December 2011 Tip of The Month

Category: General
Exercise Motivation Part 2: Weight Loss and the Right Expectations


If your expectations are to lose 16 pounds per week like has happened on the popular TV show "The Biggest Loser", you're doomed to fail in your quest for sustainable weight loss. For more on having the right expectations and how it can keep you motivated to reach your weight loss goals, READ MORE:

During the October snow storm here in Connecticut, much of the state was without power for the better part of a week. Those families who reframed their expectations really enjoyed themselves during the power outage. They chose not to expect when the power, internet, cable or land lines would come back on. They reframed their expectations to recognize that it was a golden opportunity to interact with family in a more meaningful way: playing board games by candlelight, more face to face conversations, card games, etc. Quality family time. This paradigm shift allowed them to have a great time whereas others unable to make this kind of shift were miserable.

Those who want to lose weight for good must also reframe their expectations. I think that one of the reasons the "The Biggest Loser" is so popular is because it panders to the overwhelming public demand for quick weight loss. This is despite the fact that losing weight this fast is, for biological and medical reasons, unsustainable and even dangerous. Many people fail to reach their weight loss goals because in not losing weight fast enough, they mistakenly believe "it's not working", get discouraged, and quit... right in the middle of when it is working.

The right expectation is to shoot for a maximum weight loss of 1% of total body weight per week. So if you weigh 200 pounds, this means aiming for a 2 pound loss per week. Steadily losing less than 1% per week is actually more easily sustainable. If there are aggravating factors such as high stress or a degenerative condition an even smaller percentage is the right expectation. So change your expectations and win!

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