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May 2011 Tip of The Month

Category: General
The Importance of Connectivity to Enhance Habit Building and Physical Training Results

Support and connectivity may be the answer for those whose idealism doesn't match their ability to follow through consistently ...which is to say, almost everyone. We have found after many years and thousands of client hours that supplying various forms of sufficient connectivity is often a crucial missing link in being able to sustain weight-loss and exercise routines. This connectivity can come in various forms all which will provide a combination of competition, accountability and support that almost ensures success. Interested?  READ MORE:

The most important thing in fitness is consistency and the camaraderie and accountability you get with buddies makes it easier. How do you find an exercise buddy?  Just look around.  Maybe your spouse, son or daughter, co-worker or neighbor would like to work out with you.  Even four legged creatures, the family dog can help keep you motivated with daily walks that get your heart rate into an aerobic range.

Here are some helpful "connectivity" tips to sustain your exercise program.

• Sign up for one road race (run/walk) per year and announce it to your friends and family.  (Get them to join you too!).

• Engage the Muhammad Ali affect by letting your family or friends be aware of your goals so they can keep you on track. This is a powerful accountability tool.  I had one client who posted his success calendar in the family room and when he neglected to keep up with his cardiovascular workouts, his children would remind him with "hey Dad, you didn't workout today!"  Muhammad Ali did this by boasting on TV before a fight to get the entire nation to hold him accountable.

• Use a personal trainer.  Certified trainers can help define realistic goals and have knowledge in nutrition, psychology, corrective body mechanics, strength training and cardiovascular methods.

• Join a basketball league.  With the camaraderie and accountability you get from your friends you'll look forward to the games and be motivated to stay in shape to improve your performance.

• Use our free success calendar and share the results you post on it with a friend. This keeps you on track and displays your daily progress.  You can download one from our website, patient support

• Sign up for a charitable athletic event like the Walk Against Hunger... form a team of other exercisers needing support to build their exercise habit.

• Check out the book "Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection" by Dr. John T. Cacioppo from the University of Chicago and you'll find that among other things even joint health is improved with sufficient social connectivity.

Oh, and did we mention, with enough connectivity your exercise program will be a lot more fun?