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January 2010 Tip of the Month

Category: General
Achieving Your New Years Resolution

How is your New Years resolution coming along?  If yours was to lose weight or to develop any other wellness habit and you want to ensure that you’ll be sustainably successful.  Read More:


Studies show that after approximately 6 weeks, most people have given up on the actions necessary to achieve their weight loss and other wellness New Years resolutions… but they remain haunted by the failure.  The reasons are many, but most commonly involve getting caught in an “all or nothing” mentality, which flames are fanned by unrealistic and unhealthy expectations groomed by television programs showing the most “successful” participant losing 16 pounds in a week.  The safe and healthy guideline is to lose a maximum of 1% of your body weight in body-fat per week.  This is 2 pounds for a 200 pound person.  Even if you cut this in half, you would still lose 52 pounds of fat in a year!  If you are dehydrated, under muscled or have poor bone density, the correct strategy would have you losing body fat (translation:  losing inches) at the same time as gaining in hydration, muscle and bone weight.  Hint:  Over 99% of the people we see are dehydrated and under muscled.  As a result, most people will remain steady or slightly gain weight as measured on their scale while simultaneously losing inches and looking better in the mirror, during the early months of their conditioning, when they are using the correct strategy.  If you can accept and trust these concepts, it will be easier for you to stay motivated and stick with your new behaviors.


Want to increase your odds for success on forming any new wellness habit?  Click on “patient support” above.  This free download of “Your Accountability Calendar of Progress” contains all the info you’ll need to form habits the easy way, including the art of creating “right sized steps”, and how to use the principle of “progress not perfection”.  If you’re diligent in its use, you’ll never have this New Years resolution again!


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