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About Us

Vincent RomanWe are Certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Massage Therapists with many years of experience in full-time private practice. All our staff are certified and fully insured. We recognize the importance of your unique set of goals and limitations, so we begin with a thorough evaluation.

Getting Started with Your New Life:
After a thorough discussion of your needs and goals, we will work with you to develop a strategy and plan for your body and your life.

We take a whole-person approach to exercise and training. We’ll ask about your background, goals, current exercise and nutritional habits, as well as any health issues which concern you.

Then we evaluate you as a whole person - in light of your wellness goals and limitations. We will test your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, body composition and blood pressure in ways that that neither hurt, nor embarrass.

Finally, we develop a customized program to meet your personal goals. You will work at your own pace and level as you achieve a greater level of fitness. The personal attention will help you remain injury free and fully-motivated, and you will enjoy it, too!


What Does Wellness Works Offer You?

We can team up with your doctor to design your personalized program. We’re adept at working in collaboration with physicians. Some of those doctors have become our clients, too! The time to start preventing and treating disease is yesterday. With your consent, we can consult with your doctors or other health care providers on health issues that may affect your fitness program. This way, nothing will be overlooked, and your goals can be reached as safely and as quickly as possible.

Lose weight and keep it off. Forever.
The most effective weight-loss strategies involve increasing your body’s metabolism so that you burn more calories all day, every day. There are no gimmicks or tricks with this approach – just proven exercise and nutrition science. A personalized plan, with proper pacing, will ensure a safe and effective transition to a stronger and fitter body – without its being on a roller coaster. With our expert guidance, support and motivation, we’ll help you sustain your desired weight.

Improve sports performance.
Do you want to continue that good game of golf as you age? Are you a “weekend warrior” – tired of getting more aches and pains with each successive tennis or soccer season? Have you been inactive, but considering a new sport or returning to your favorite sport from the past? Conditioning of the body will help you enhance stamina, flexibility and strength, and professional training will ensure that you do it the right way, at a proper pace and without getting hurt. You can feel years younger, and improve your performance at the same time.

Defy the Aging Process!
Time does not need to be the enemy. A customized training program will help you improve overall strength, prevent osteoporosis, increase stamina, or enhance your ability to deal with specific physical impairments. Careful evaluation will help us determine the best training regimen for your unique circumstances, whatever your age. Safely, gradually and gently, you’ll feel and look younger and get more enjoyment out of life.