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How We Work

Our Defining Differences

  1. World Class Trainers:  All of our trainers give the client a world class experience… from the client’s perspective.  Part of our system for delivering a world class experience involves having each trainer do all the individualized research necessary to quickly, safely and effectively deliver the right guidance, motivation and support for the client to reach their goals… no matter what the client’s goals, age, health or fitness level.  So every client gets an experience that is not to be bested anywhere in the world.  And of course, our senior staff brain trust is always there, overseeing each client’s case.
  2. Client Centered:  Your world class trainer from WellnessWorks will never confuse your goals with their own favorite activities and goals or that of another client.  We ask intelligent, pertinent questions and we listen.
  3. Brain Trust:  Our senior staff of 5 has over 100 years of full time professional experience.  Every trainer is mentored weekly to ensure the best results and the best client experience.
  4. Life-Changing Results - Hopes & Dreams Fulfilled:  Just read our testimonials on our website: read some of their testimonials.
  5. Reliable and On Time:  “Testimonial”
  6. Integrative:  We contact all relevant physicians and other health care providers to integrate their instructions into your training strategy.  Safe, thorough, maximally effective and nothing “falls through the cracks”.
  7. Motivational / Compliance Experts:  We employ gentle, yet effective ways to get you to attain your goals without upsetting the balance
    of your life.
  8. We are the habit forming people: Our customers love our services. Click here to read some of their testimonials.