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Personal Training Can Benefit Almost Everyone.

We’ve trained people ages 8 to 88. Each client has a unique combination of goals, exercise history, present-day difficulties (old injury, disease or other chronic conditions), and current physical condition. You’re never too old to improve strength, diminish aches and pains, manage and prevent disease, and improve stamina, flexibility and bone density. Never too young to begin doing things correctly from the start, including developing good posture.

Why Does our Approach Work So Well?
As Certified Personal Trainers with many years of experience in full-time private practice, we recognize the importance of your unique set of goals and limitations. We take a whole-person approach to exercise and training, starting with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, motivational level, exercise history, general background, nutritional habits, recent exercise activity levels and health issues. Then we make a thorough evaluation of your physical condition, including cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, range of motion, blood pressure and body composition. That way, you are never asked to do something beyond your current ability and you can move toward your goals injury free, fully motivated and enjoying yourself. What can we do for you?

Is your doctor urging you to exercise?
We’re adept at working in collaboration with physicians. We even have physicians as clients. As your doctor may have told you, proper exercise and nutrition are irreplaceable components of both the prevention and treatment of health related problems. The time to start preventing and treating disease is yesterday. With you consent, we’d be happy to call and discuss all the appropriate health issues that may affect your fitness program with your doctor(s) or other health care provider(s). That way nothing falls through the cracks and your goals are reached safely and as quickly as possible.
Bottom line- if your doctor wants you to exercise and improve your eating habits, we can help. You will quickly achieve a better state of fitness and wellness-safely and effectively.

Lose weight and learn how to keep it off.
Exercise and nutrition sciences have come a long way in recent years. With clinically proven strategies, you can lose fat gradually, yet steadily, and avoid the internal buildup of dissatisfaction that leads to inactivity and food binging. The most effective weight-loss strategies involve shifting your metabolism so that you’re burning more fat all day every day. There are no tricks or gimmicks with this approach-just proven exercise and nutrition sciences. Together we’ll develop a personalized plan and pacing that ensures a safe and effective transition to strength and well-being-without body weight roller coasting. With expert guidance, support and motivation, we help you sustain your desired weight.