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“For the past 15 years approximately half of our clients have been golfers. We work with people of all ages, recreational golfers, serious golfers, beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro. By adhering to the complex biomechanical rules for exercises specific to golf conditioning, our clients are able to hit not only further but with much greater consistency creating better scores. We train a number of golf pros and one of them, George DeVita, was kind enough to author his perspective, (see below) on why our methods are so successful.”

Vincent Roman, President of WellnessWorks, LLC



Why golf scores haven’t improved in the last 50 years

"For the past 50 years, golf scores for both men and women have not improved despite dramatic technological improvements in clubs and balls. Why? The seated workplace is now the most dominant workplace worldwide. In our society, making a good living pretty much requires having a sedentary job. Adding to this the effects of time, gravity, and an injury or two and the result is biomechanical problems which are game damaging and eventually ends one’s golf career. Metabolism, body-fat percentage, posture, bodily symmetry, flexibility, stability, strength and power are all adversely affected. As a result, distance suffers on the long ball and consistency suffers throughout. The technological improvements in golf equipment have not been sufficient to overcome these negative physiological effects."


The inherent flaw in golf instruction

"There are certain fundamentals present with all good ball strikers. The misconception in golf instruction has been the golf pro expecting the client to receive a specific direction toward developing these fundamentals and then if they practice this direction enough, they’ll be able to master it. Too often, the reality is that the student’s body is simply not capable of doing what the golf pro is asking them to do with it. They’re forcing themselves physically into positions that their bodies are not capable of. The result is frustration and not nearly enough improvement as there could be. The roadblock is the capacity of the body. Not willpower. Not focus. Not diligence. Certainly not equipment or intellect."


Finding golf instruction’s missing link

"The good news is that bodily capacity for better golf can be developed with proper training and conditioning. I’ve done the research. According to Mike Malaska, head of golf instruction at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy, 'the body is the most important element of a good golf swing, and golf pros do not have the background or skills necessary to give their students more bodily capacity for golf, so we need to align ourselves with highly skilled exercise therapists, corrective exercise kinesiologists and personal trainers who do.' When golf instruction is combined with proper training and conditioning, older golfers can expect to extend their golf careers by many years. Younger golfers can avoid injury and improve their game each year without having to play every day. Better consistency and longer drives for all."


My experience with WellnessWorks

"Over the years, we’ve had a number of our members train with the professionals from WellnessWorks with excellent results. I’ve looked into their methods of improving bodily capacity for golf and have found them to be as good as are available anywhere in the country. I’m impressed enough with the WellnessWorks approach in conditioning for golf, to have become a client myself. Check out my testimonial."


About George DeVita

George Devita is a PGA Professional and the Head Pro at Farmington Woods Country Club in Farmington, Connecticut. He was formerly the Lead Assistant Golf Professional at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, home to the Memorial Tournament and Jack Nicklaus as well as being rated one of the top 20 golf courses in the nation. George helped implement many different facets of teaching there, including helping institute the Nicklaus performance fitting solutions system and providing private and semi private golf lessons to golfers of all ages and abilities.

As the Head Pro and Teaching Professional at Farmington Woods Country Club, George is a leader in the use of the latest in video teaching technology. He has successfully developed many group lesson programs dedicated to teaching scoring and improving short-game fundamentals. In addition, George works with many of the leading junior golfers and amateurs in Connecticut.

George is regularly sought after to help golfers of all skill levels to improve their game. His approach to teaching is simple yet educational and actionable. With the use of video technology, drills and training aides George is able to communicate the most complex ideas in easy to understand terms. George lives in Simsbury, Connecticut with his wife and three children. His hobbies include biking, long distance running, reading, playing with his children and coaching ice hockey. George can be reached at 860-756-6735.