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January 2012 Tip of The Month

Category: General
Making Your Wellness New Years Resolution Stick

How's it going with your New Years Resolutions? To find out how to ensure the success of a wellness habit New Years Resolution, READ MORE:

There is no "trying" of exercise, diet changes or stress management. There is either doing it or not doing it. The human organism responds miraculously to any "right-sized step" in these areas, automatically and painlessly preparing it for a next, more advanced step. The next steps are as easy to accomplish as the first one was. Example, walk for one minute per day. Each week add one more minute to your daily walk. In one year you've painlessly built up to a 52-minute daily walking habit and you would be in the top 5% nationwide for daily aerobic activity.

The principle at work here is "progress not perfection."

Another crucial element: Accountability. This is accomplished using our WellnessWorks success calendar available for free on our website under Patient Support.

The likelihood of making a habit change is highly enhanced by tackling one habit at a time. Introducing The "Power of One": Choosing one habit at a time and mastering it... adding one increment at a time and mastering that before adding more...approaching it one day at a time... there's a lot of power in the idea of "One."

So download our Success Calendar, a handy habit forming tool. While you're at it, print out an extra one, recruit a buddy system "buddy" or give it to your spouse, friend or even the co-worker you've shared your New Year's Resolution with. It's fun to share the success. Start today!

Remember, Wellness... Works!