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August 2013 Tip of The Month

Category: General
Balanced Living
When this subject comes up, it's most often about managing to find enough time for fulfillment in various life categories like "family", "career", "recreation", "spirituality", etc. We've found this juggling approach to be insufficient due to the unalterable nature of human physiology and hormonal and other chemistries. It's much more effective to take specific action within 5 different time-frames each of which has a natural and unavoidable impact resulting in more balanced living. Read more:

Moment by moment. You have a choice each moment about what you choose to think about. By staying in the present moment through pausing occasionally to be aware of your breath, you can reduce your stress. Stress and it's variety of mental states are a hormonal and chemical event. Anxiety, worry and fear are about living in the future and can't happen when deeply living in the present moment. Guilt, remorse and regret happen when dwelling on the past. All of these are chemically imbalancing and energy consuming, so choosing to keep your focus on the present moment with the assistance of the breath will free you up for better living.

Daily. It's important to align your day with the unavoidable circadian rhythms inherent in all humans. This is about quality sleep. The rising and setting of the sun creates a definite hormonal and chemical pattern. One of the most important manifestations of this is when the sun sets, the body wants to go into renovation and repair mode. To put it simply, it's important to have a wind-down period so the "get it done" hormones will have a chance to drop. If this doesn't happen the "renovation and repair" hormones can not get into action. Try to be sleeping by 10PM and arising at 6AM. Physical renovation and repair happens between 10PM and 2AM and psychogenic between 2AM and 6AM. "Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise," Is one old saying that really is true.

Weekly. Take definite down time each week. It takes courage, but once you experiment with it for a few weeks in a row, you'll find as our clients have that your week is more productive than before. In the old days, this was known as practicing the Sabbath. Originally, the Sabbath was a full day of rest. Not to be proselytizing, but the rest of the 10 Commandments all seem like a good idea... how could we as a society so thoroughly have forgotten about the one about the Sabbath?

Monthly. This has a lot to do with finances. Worries about money and finances create a lot of stress. Set aside a specific time each month to pay bills, review investments and make and adjust plans going forward.