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October 2010 Tip of The Month

Category: General
The Cure for Couch-potato-itis
At the end of your stressful workday if you feel like heading to the couch, eating food's that are not good for you, or engaging in some unhealthy vice, your body is lying to you and trying to take you hostage. What's really happening is you are experiencing a heavy burden of the chemical imbalance of unprocessed stress hormones. The only solution is to process that chemistry through exercise and it's a lot easier than you think. Read more:

The next time you feel wiped out at the end of a stressful day, go out for a short walk beginning with a slow pace and if time permits, gradually building to a brisk pace. In the beginning, tell yourself you must only walk for 3 minutes. A little "habit forming psychology" here. Once you're on the walk, re-evaluate and see if you can go longer. If you were to begin with a 3 minutes per day commitment for the first week and consistently add 1 minute each week, at the end of a year you have painlessly (psychologically and to the demands of other commitments in your life) built to 55 minutes per day. You would now be in the top 5% for cardiovascular exercise in the nation! I suggest the slow pace for 10 to 20 minutes... longer after a really tough day.

The results: you will find your energy level is renewed as you are no longer bearing the burden of unprocessed stress chemistry. You will feel a renewed energy, want to get a lot more done and since your caloric expenditure has gone up, you'll loose body-fat and inches. Walking is the cure for couch-potato-itis!

Question: How many additional calories does one burn running 3 miles versus walking 3 miles? Answer: This is a bit of a trick question the way it is phrased. The fact is, you burn the same number of calories whether walking or running 3 miles. The point is walking is way underrated and is great since it doesn't require special equipment, you can do it anywhere and it's time effective since you typically will not need a shower afterward.

Of course, if you currently do not exercise, before starting any program, speak with your doctor.

This is a beautiful time of the year to get outside and walk. The air is cool and crisp and fall colors are vibrant. If it's necessary to walk during the darker hours of the day, stay on lighted sidewalks and purchase an inexpensive reflective vest. So, get out there, layer up for warmth and walk off those stress hormones, you'll get more done and be healthier for it. Another reminder that Wellness... Works!