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December 2010 Tip of the Month

Category: General
Gifting yourself with Wellness

The holidays are here. It is a season of miracles and a traditional time for gift giving. Can we gift ourselves with the miracle of wellness? Yes. Read More:

Studies show that within 7 years or less your body will be composed of all new material on the molecular level except for a few details like tooth enamel. Therefore with the right wellness habits you can miraculously become biologically younger as you become chronologically older.

How does one stay motivated to establish and maintain these wellness habits?

First, let's take a look at the financial value of wellness with a simple "net worth calculator"...WellnessWorks style:

Asset: People who are fit and have healthy lifestyle habits are proven to be much more productive than those   who are not. How much more financially productive would your career be in terms of daily production, increased sales, yearly achievements, raises, bonuses, promotions, and other career growth opportunities? In some cases what is the value of not being the person who is "downsized"?

Asset: If you were to take proper care of your wellness for the remainder of your life, how many years could you stay out of a convalescent home? The approximate costs of convalescent homes is between 65K and 250K per year and believe me you won't want the 65K options.

Liability: If you have a family history or personal history of degenerative diseases or conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., and are not taking proper care of your wellness, what would be the financial loss of having your work-life cut short?

Liability: In not having your wellness be a top priority, what will that cost you for prescription medication, medical co-payments, health insurance premiums and other medical costs?

Summary: After you've completed your calculations, consider also interest income lost and most people will find that the value of their wellness is in the millions of dollars.

Second, the quality of life value:

Are you interested in spending your golden years attending multiple weekly doctors' appointments and desperately attempting to have a social life by holding others hostage and regaling them with the fascinating story of your medications, ailments, diseases and pain? Or would you prefer to spend your time traveling, playing golf or tennis and being able to keep up with your grandchildren?

This non-ostrich approach, if kept "top of mind" will propel your wellness success all year:

If you are a WellnessWorks client, keep up the good work. You've already begun to gift yourself with the miracle of wellness. You and your trainer are already addressing all wellness issues appropriate to you to ensure that you have the life you want.

If you are not a client, check out the testimonials on this website and give us a call. To make it easy for you to get started, I offer a 45 minute phone consult at no cost to you.

In this season of giving, if you are concerned about the health and wellness of a loved one, we have a variety of gift certificates available and are able to conduct "in-person" sessions within much of Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Via Skype and telephone, we train people worldwide.

Our clients are aged 8 through 90's and include people who are bed ridden and wheelchair bound through casual and elite athletes.